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How to Stop Choking on Acid Reflux While Sleeping

Having acid reflux can be distressing – especially if you don’t know what’s causing it. Some people are more prone to this condition than others, but it affects us all at some point. Experiencing acid reflux during the day is bad enough, but at night it’s even worse. The feeling of choking on acid while you’re trying to sleep is horrible. It can make it difficult to fall asleep, and you’re more likely to wake […]

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Can’t Sleep in Week before Wedding? 10 Tips for Pre-Wedding Insomnia!

Young or old, male or female: getting married is one of the most stressful things you’ll ever do. Whether you’re having a small, intimate ceremony or a huge shebang, all weddings are nerve-wracking. There are so many things to plan, and so many things that could potentially go wrong. It’s no wonder so many people struggle to sleep in the lead up to their wedding. Functioning on very little sleep is hard enough in our […]

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10 Ways Sleep Deprivation Can Cause Skin Problems

When it comes to your skincare routine, getting enough sleep may be the closest thing available to a fountain of youth. Not magic creams or overpromising supplements. Sleep allows your body to fully repair and recover itself, which leads to significant effects on how you look. There are many ways your skin can be compromised – a poor diet, not drinking enough water, overexposure to sunlight, not exercising, too much sugar and poor skincare practices. […]

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Can’t Sleep Due to Joint Pain – 10 Things That WILL Make a Difference

Scientists expect that 20% of adults will have arthritis by 2030 in Europe and North America. Joint pain at night while sleeping can be a nightmare. That applies whether your pain is the result of arthritis, a sprain or a psychological issue. It can affect many areas of the body, not limited to the back, hips, knees, neck, shoulders, and wrists. It’s vital that we find pain relief that’s effective and has limited side effects. […]

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8 Ways to Ease Pain When You Can’t Sleep Because Teeth Hurt

A toothache is a common ailment with many different potential causes. It can involve pain in the gums, the teeth themselves, or around the upper and lower jaw. The type and severity of pain experienced can vary hugely. For some people, it takes the form of a niggling discomfort. Others experience a sharp pain that only occurs when you try to eat. But for some people, toothache can be constant, agonizing, and unbearable. It can […]

How Much Sleep Do You Need to Drive a Car Safely?
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How Much Sleep Do You Need to Drive a Car Safely?

According to a recent survey, 53% of Americans admitted to driving when they were tired, and 19% admitted they’d actually dozed off at the wheel. Given that drowsiness and drunkenness affect the brain in similar ways, this is a very worrying statistic. Long commutes, irregular shift patterns, and busy social lives may be to blame for this phenomenon. Many of us feel under pressure to get from A to B as quickly as possible – […]