Wake Up in the Middle of the Night Screaming

Why Did I Wake Up in the Middle of the Night Screaming?

It can be very alarming to wake up in the night screaming. After all, sleep is supposed to be a peaceful and relaxing experience for you. It’s designed to refresh, heal, and restore your brain and body ready for the next day. Night screaming is bound to affect your quality of sleep, and it will almost certainly be affecting your partner or others in the house. Nightmares and night terrors are quite common in childhood […]

how to go to sleep when you are scared

How to Stop Thinking About Scary Things When Trying to Sleep

At times, we’re all affected by scary and unpleasant thoughts. From wearing self-loathe or humiliation from a recent event to a distressing story from the evening news, these troublesome, scary images continue popping up continuously despite our best efforts to block them. It’s not just the elements in your thoughts that leave you feeling miserable, but the fact that you can’t inhibit them makes you feel like a captive of your punishing mind. Not surprisingly, […]

What is the true meaning of my dreams?

Why Do We Dream About Certain People?

Seemingly out of nowhere, long-lost acquaintances can pop up in our dreams, causing a sense of bewilderment and unease. Does this mean that they are thinking about us? Perhaps it’s a sign that our paths will cross very soon. Unlikely! According to psychotherapists, dreams tell us more about our relationship with ourselves than others. Many psychotherapists find dreams a useful tool for accessing the inner psyche. Dreams are a product of the unconscious mind, so they […]

What’s the meaning of bad dreams?

How to AVOID Nightmares and Bad Dreams as an Adult

It’s estimated that 70% of adults experience at least one bad dream per month, and 5% of adults develop a nightmare disorder during their lifetime. Despite their prevalence, scientists have struggled to agree on the exact causes of bad dreams and nightmares. Thankfully, there are many ways you can reduce their impact. In addition, they may even have a purpose which you can exploit to your advantage. Bad Dreams and Nightmares in Adulthood It’s important […]