Which Sleep Position is the Healthiest?

best sleep position for heart health

According to many chiropractors, it’s acceptable to sleep on your front, back or side – as long as you practice good ‘sleep posture.’ Indeed, supporting the spine’s natural curve should be top of your agenda when you settle down to sleep. Nonetheless, if you’re experiencing a particular health complaint, or you’re pregnant, certain sleep positions […]

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How to Sleep Better with Hay Fever – 20 Tips That REALLY Work!

what are the symptoms of hay fever?

Nearly 40% of hay fever sufferers find it ‘very difficult’ to sleep during the pollen season. To help combat this issue, many people take ‘drowsy’ antihistamines to enable them to fall asleep faster. Although these meds provide temporary relief, they can play havoc with our circadian rhythm, making us feel more tired in the long-run. […]

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How to Get to Sleep After Consuming Too Much Caffeine

can t sleep after drinking coffee in the morning

Sleeplessness – we’ve all been there. It’s not a good feeling to lie awake at night, staring at the ceiling. Even though it’s late and you have to get up early, you just don’t feel tired. You wonder if you’re ever going to fall asleep. Well, you may not realize it, but the reason you […]

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What Colors Make You Sleep Better?

what colors make you sleep better?

Identifying colors is one of the first skills a child learns. However, the broad concept of color is a lot deeper than it may appear at first glance. The psychology of color reaches into a wide variety of different parts of life, and the effects of color are not wholly understood. But, what colors make […]

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Does Sleep Help You Get Over a Cold (Flu) Faster?

why do i sleep so much when I'm sick?

Each year, 20% of the US population contract the common cold, and roughly 200,000 people are hospitalized with flu-related illnesses. Identifying ways to speed up recovery is essential. When we’re sick, most of us head straight to bed; but is this extra sleep vital, and will it help us recover faster? In this guide, we’ll […]

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