Sleep Positions

sleeping with legs up in the air
Sleep Positions

What are the Benefits of Sleeping with Legs Elevated?

Elevating the legs for sleep is a simple concept. It refers to lifting the legs higher than they would typically be. Leg elevation can be carried out during the day. For example, by using a footstool, or sitting with your legs up against a wall. Many people put their feet up as a way of relaxing. But what about at nighttime? If you’re like most people, you probably sleep lying flat in bed. Whether you […]

healthy sleeping positions for digesting food
Sleep Positions

What’s the Best Sleeping Position for Digestion?

Digestive issues are a pain, especially when you’re trying to sleep. Nobody wants to deal with heartburn, acid reflux, gas or constipation while trying to go to sleep or after waking up. We all know that the quality of sleep plays a significant role in our physical and mental wellbeing. But, did you know that your actual sleep position can affect your health? If you experience digestive issues on a regular basis, try sleeping on your […]

best sleep position for heart health
Sleep Positions

Which Sleep Position is the Healthiest?

According to many chiropractors, it’s acceptable to sleep on your front, back or side – as long as you practice good ‘sleep posture.’ Indeed, supporting the spine’s natural curve should be top of your agenda when you settle down to sleep. Nonetheless, if you’re experiencing a particular health complaint, or you’re pregnant, certain sleep positions will serve you better than others. In this guide, we’ll explore which sleep position will work best for your needs […]

Can you get a headache from poor sleeping position?
Sleep Positions

What’s the Best Sleep Position for Neck Pain and Headaches?

Getting a good night’s sleep with neck pain is no easy task. For most people, sleeping will make your neck pain worse, not better. The odds are that you’ve tried sleeping every which way: on your back, on your front, on either side, with a pillow, without a pillow, maybe even on the couch. Unfortunately, its difficult to find relief without guidance. That’s why we’ve put together this guide. We begin by examining what you […]