How to Warm the Bed without an Electric Blanket

warm up bed before getting in

Extreme temperatures can make sleep very uncomfortable. As we’ll explore, sleeping in a cold environment can change the structure of our sleep and mess with our circadian rhythms. Although electric blankets can remedy this issue, they don’t work for everyone. If left on for too long, electric blankets overheat the bed and cause us to […]

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What Can Be Done About Noisy Neighbors Snoring?

letter to snoring neighbor

If you’ve ever lived in an apartment, you’ll be no stranger to noisy neighbors. Whether it’s loud music or TV, arguments, or a screaming baby, at some point the people who live around you are bound to disturb your sleep. When living in an apartment, you’re expected to deal with ‘reasonable’ noise from your neighbors. […]

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How to Get Rid of Grogginess from Oversleeping

sleep hangover feeling

Getting 6-8 hours’ sleep is essential, but any more than that can become problematic. Our bodies like routine, so disturbing this routine can preempt an adverse physiological response. Moreover, If you’ve overslept, it probably means you’re late for something. Waking up to find you’re twenty minutes late for an important meeting sends a surge of […]

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Hormones That Cause Sleeplessness (and What Can Be Done)!

Which Hormones Affect Sleep?

If you have ever tried to battle insomnia, you’re probably already privy to the concept of a circadian rhythm. This is our naturally occurring sleep/wake cycle. In the modern world, light and dark are the most important external ‘cues’ for regulating our circadian rhythm. The most critical internal cues are our hormones. If you want […]

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9 Helpful Tips When You Can’t Sleep After a Relationship Break Up!

sleepless nights after a breakup

They say that time heals a broken heart, but it’s difficult to heal when you can’t even get a good night’s sleep. According to psychologists, we should resist becoming too introspective after a breakup because this impedes our ability to relax and heal ourselves. Undoubtedly, a relationship breakup will prompt some degree of self-analysis, and […]

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