sleeping with legs up in the air
Sleep Positions

What are the Benefits of Sleeping with Legs Elevated?

Elevating the legs for sleep is a simple concept. It simply refers to lifting the legs up higher than they would normally be. Leg elevation can be carried out during the day; for example, by using a footstool, or sitting with your legs up against a wall. Many people put their feet up as a way of relaxing. But what about at nighttime? If you’re like most people, you probably sleep lying flat in bed. […]

walking and sleep benefits
Better Sleep

Should You Go for a Walk before Bed?

While a bit of screen time in the night may seem okay, scientists have come up with a better way of optimizing your nighttime habits to secure adequate rest – and that’s getting a mini workout before bed. However, it’s not some grueling endurance training or twisting yourself into a pretzel during a yoga sequence. The one exercise that experts suggest will improve your sleep is walking. But before you dismiss this saying “walking is […]

is reading in bed good for sleep?
Better Sleep

Is Reading Before Bed a Good Idea?

Reading before going to bed is a longstanding tradition. As the saying goes, you never go to bed alone if you have a book in hand. An increasing number of studies show that reading can help you sleep more soundly in the night. It is an excellent form of brain exercise. Just like how running gives you that “runner’s high,” reading gives your brain a healthy mental boost. When you use your brain, it becomes […]

do warm showers make you tired?
Tips and Advice

Do Showers Make You Sleepy or Keep You Awake?

Are morning showers better or evening showers? Many of us prefer to go to bed feeling clean, while others like to start their day with a shower. The truth is, when it comes to our hygiene preferences, most of us can be pretty opinionated. If you’re wondering which is better, science seems to favor evening showers. Sure, it takes more than science to influence our personal preferences, but the reasons scientists support showering at night […]

Why Am I Doing Things in My Sleep Then Not Remembering It?
Sleep Problems

Why Am I Doing Things in My Sleep Then Not Remembering It?

Doing things in your sleep, especially if you can’t remember them later, is extremely disconcerting. But, there are a number of medically defined and clear reasons why some people move and talk while asleep. These conditions are collectively known as ‘parasomnia’. These are problems that stop us from sleeping as we should, especially because of movement or talking. Depending on when during the sleep cycle they occur, the effects may vary. In this guide, we […]

How to Block Out Road and Traffic Noise in Your Bedroom
Tips and Advice

17 Ways to Block Out Road and Traffic Noise in Your Bedroom

Living on a busy road isn’t a problem during the day. The sounds of passing cars and people talking don’t really bother you. But, if you can’t sleep because of road noise, it can affect your life from top to bottom. The problem of how to drown out noise from the street is a tricky one. But, it’s not without solutions. That’s what this guide is all about. If the idea of blocking out road […]