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10 Surprising Reasons Why You Should Sleep Without Clothes

Last Updated on February 10, 2024 by Louise Carter

Bedtime attire affects our comfort and sleep, so an entire industry revolves around nightwear. While bedclothes may help you sleep, not wearing anything is often linked to better sleep.

Sleeping without clothes means the body will run at a lower temperature. Your circadian rhythms mean you’ll fall asleep faster and likely remain that way for 8 hours.

Sleeping well will improve your skin and bolster your immune system. Lack of sleep is a common trigger for illnesses, while sleeping naked means you’ll build immunity to bacteria on your bedsheets.

If you’re colder at night, you’ll burn more calories while you rest. The more time you spend without clothing, the more self-confidence you’ll develop as you won’t judge your body shape.

If you sleep with a partner, they’ll likely appreciate you removing clothing, and cuddling together will promote the release of more oxytocin, the “love hormone.”

Male fertility is also enhanced by sleeping naked if you’re looking to have children. Women with yeast infections will experience fewer issues by sleeping naked.

You’ll spend less on nightwear and reduce the need to run your washer or dryer, saving money.

Is it Better to Sleep with Clothes On or Off?

Everybody has a personal preference regarding whether they’d rather sleep wearing sleep clothing, like pajamas or a nightshirt, or removing all clothing.

Sleeping “in the buff” doesn’t appeal to everybody. You may be concerned about how you’ll react to an emergency if you’re naked, and some people struggle too much with their internal temperature to feel comfortable without clothing.

Sleeping naked has several lifestyle and health benefits. If you are asking, “Is it unhealthy to sleep with clothes on,” the answer is no, but here are the advantages to removing your clothing before bed.

is it healthy to sleep naked?

Falling Asleep Faster

While removing clothing before bed may cool you off, this will aid your sleep. The American Journal of Physiology explains that insomniacs frequently have higher body temperatures than sound sleepers.

A lower body temperature, especially in conjunction with a dark or dimly lit room, influences the circadian rhythms that dictate our sleep-wake cycle.

Take a bath or shower before bed, and avoid changing into bed clothes – protect your modesty with a robe until it’s time to climb into bed. This slow and steady drop in body temperature will encourage your mind and body to drift into sleep much faster.

Remaining Asleep for an Entire Evening

Sleeping without clothing will help you fall asleep and encourage you to remain asleep. You’re likelier to get 8 hours of rest, including 4 or 5 full sleep cycles, if you’re naked.

Part of this is due to the lower body temperature we previously discussed. The optimum temperature for a restful sleep is between 60–67OF.

According to the Journal of Physiological Anthropology, wearing clothing in bed, especially thick pajamas covered by bedsheets increases body temperature.

Sleeping naked also offers more freedom of movement while you are in bed. If you wear clothing, this could grow tangled around your waist, neck, or other parts of the body. If you feel uncomfortable or endangered, you will struggle to remain asleep.

Boost the Immune System

You may feel uneasy about spending time in bed without a protective layer of clothing.

Bedsheets can contain particles of sweat, saliva, and dead skin cells, attracting countless bacteria. Can you get sick from sleeping without a shirt?

This is only really a concern if you’re not getting enough sleep. A lack of sleep can significantly weaken the human immune system, leading to various health issues.

This means you are likelier to grow unwell if you wear too many bedclothes, as the enhanced temperature your body is running will disturb your rest. The ability to doze off quickly and remain asleep will bolster your general health.

By staying cool, you’ll also create a less welcoming environment for bacteria to grow and multiply.

Weight Loss

Few things sound more appealing than burning calories while we sleep, but does sleeping naked help us lose weight? While it’s no substitute for a sensible diet and regular exercise, forging bedclothes can speed up your metabolism.

According to NIH Research Matters, this relates to cooler temperatures at night. The human body contains brown adipose tissue, usually called brown fat. This is a healthy fat that is indispensable to maintaining a healthy weight.

When we grow cold, the body starts the process of thermogenesis, which involves burning brown fat to prevent common side effects of coldness, like shivering.

Brown fat releases the hormone adiponectin, which breaks down glucose and other fatty molecules within the body. Keeping your body temperature lower overnight also increases the release of leptin, a hormone responsible for energy release.

If you wear bedclothes and run a standard-to-warm body temperature overnight, you’ll likely burn 40 calories per hour. Cooling off and burning brown fat will increase this and may lead to weight loss.

Improved Skin Condition

If you want to look younger, ditch your clothing at bedtime.

While we sleep, the protein collagen – responsible for elasticity in the skin – replenishes. This means the more sleep we enjoy, the fresher our skin looks and feels in the morning.

This is important if you have cuts, nicks, or other skin imperfections. The Journal of Applied Physiology explains how sleep promotes skin healing, closes wounds, and reduces swelling associated with bruising.

Undisturbed sleep also promotes the release of melatonin, which produces natural antioxidants that curb the impact of skin aging.

Growth hormones, also released during sleep, will tighten loose or sagging skin.

This could all apply if you get a good night’s sleep while wearing bedclothes, but as sleeping naked enhances your chances of gaining 8 hours of rest or more, you’re likelier to reap the benefits in your skin.


Some people prefer not to sleep naked as they’re uncomfortable with exposing their bodies for prolonged periods. If you remove your clothing at night, you may eventually enjoy better self-esteem and learn to love your body and appearance.

The Journal of Happiness Studies explains how followers of a ‘naturist’ lifestyle enjoy superior body image thanks to an absence of feelings of judgment.

Sleeping naked is far from dedicating yourself to a life of outdoor nudity, but taking this small step within the privacy of your own home while the lights are out may help you learn to love your body and enhance your mental health.

Intimacy with A Partner

If you feel more confident in your body while sleeping naked, you’ll likely encourage a partner who shares your bed to do the same. Sleeping skin-to-skin with your partner benefits both of you.

The first is the release of oxytocin, the “love hormone.” Many people find that cuddling with a loved one helps them fall asleep faster and enjoy better rest, primarily because oxytocin floods the brain with feelings of safety and relaxation.

Frontiers in Psychology confirms that oxytocin reduces feelings of stress and anxiety, which can advance your love life. Sharing a bed with a partner and feeling relaxed will frequently lead to sex, further improving your sleep.

Sleep Science explains how gaining sufficient rest enhances sexual gratification, which floods your brain with more oxytocin and helps you fall asleep again. This welcome circle of satisfaction and sleep bolsters mood and general health.

Reduced Risk of Yeast Infections in Women

If you’re prone to yeast infections, your nighttime apparel may be to blame. Climbing into bed wearing underwear or pajama bottoms will create heat and sweat, promoting the growth of the candida fungus.

Excessive candida in the female body leads to a yeast infection called Candidiasis. This can lead to itching and discomfort that require anti-fungal medications.

Sleeping naked allows air to circulate throughout the entire body overnight, drastically reducing the risk of Candidiasis. Any woman who has completed puberty but is yet to enter menopause will benefit from this sense of freedom and the health benefits it provides.

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Better Reproductive Health in Men

If you want to grow your family, sleeping naked will increase your chances of successful conception. Male fertility can be bolstered by sleeping naked.

Human Reproduction explains that a man’s choice of underwear will directly influence sperm count and efficacy. Loose-fitting boxers are more conducive to reproductive health than tight briefs, as they generate less heat and encourage greater freedom.

Spending the night without underwear will increase sperm concentration further, while the American Journal of Epidemiology also claims that the superior sleep from dozing naked bolsters male fertility.

Testosterone levels are linked to reproductive health in men, with decreased production of sperm connected to lower-than-average levels of testosterone. Does sleeping naked increase testosterone?

Testosterone is a hormone generated by the testicles and usually rises during sleep. Therefore, sleeping naked and enjoying a long and undisturbed night of rest will result in higher levels of testosterone production.  

Money Saving

You’ll make fewer shopping trips if you don’t need to purchase nightclothes for sleeping.

The Journal of Building Engineering explains that around a third of Americans struggle to pay their monthly utility bills, especially with an increasing number of people working from home.

No clothing at bedtime also means less laundry, which will have a welcome impact on your energy bills.

The cost of electricity and other non-renewable energy sources is soaring worldwide, and fewer dirty clothes mean reduced use of a washer and dryer.

Sleeping naked can improve your physical and mental health, save money, and enhance your relationship with a partner. Trial this approach and allow time to reap the rewards.