why are hotel beds so comfy?
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What Do Hotels Use To Make Their Beds So Comfortable?

While we all prefer the comfort of our own bed wherever possible, sometimes we’re forced to sleep elsewhere. Staying with friends and family has its charm, but it’s sometimes hard to beat a hotel bed when we consider sheer comfort and luxury.

Hotels use quality, memory foam mattresses packed with springs to ensure overnight comfort.

These mattresses are paired with various pillows to meet any need and sheets with a thread count no lower than 300. Considered decorative choices and perfectly folded sheets ensure hotel beds are cozy.

You can make your bed as comfortable as a hotel, but you’ll need to spend money to do so. It’s important to understand what makes a hotel bed so appealing before attempting to replicate this at home. 

How Do Hotels Make Their Beds So Comfortable?

When sleeping in a hotel for the night, sleep quality is vital to a positive experience.

As explained by the International Journal of Hospitality Management, various factors can influence sleep in a guest house.

Hotels work tirelessly to make guests feel comfortable, from regular room service to leaving a mint on your pillow. The luxury of a bed will always be the most vital metric, though.

Why are hotel beds so comfy? It’s all due to five essential components:


Mattress quality is arguably the single most crucial factor when it comes to quality sleep in a hotel. Hotels will not take any chances with a mattress, only purchasing the finest possible options.

It’s important to understand that not everybody has the same preferences or needs from a mattress. As the German journal Schmerz explains, existing back pain will significantly impact how comfortable a bed makes you feel.

Hotels will utilize medium-firm mattresses, keep you cool, prevent too much tossing and turning, and relieve pressure on the back. Innerspring mattresses are particularly effective as they balance the use of coils with springs for maximum comfort.

how do hotels make their beds so comfortable?

Mattress Toppers

Mattress toppers are an addition that many hotels add to their standard bedroom design. If you’ve never used a mattress topper, they add more comfort to a mattress by providing additional cushioning. This keeps the mattress functional for longer.

One of the greatest features of mattress toppers is that they can adjust the firmness of a mattress – or, at least, its feel. This can be ideal for co-sleepers sharing a bed that have different preferences.

In a hotel, you may find the matters topper in a closet so you can add or remove it at will. Often, you’ll find two half-sized toppers if one person wants to use them and the other does not. Naturally, you can also ask hotel staff to add or remove a topper as necessary.   


The sheets are another factor hotels take under advisement when setting their beds. Much like the mattress, this is an area that no hotel worth its salt will skimp and save on expenditure.

Hotel sheets are typically light and breathable cotton, with a high thread count. Thread count makes sheets feel soft, and it varies from as low as 100 to as high as 1,000.

Hotels will never use sheets with a thread count lower than 300 and rarely higher than 500. While you’d be forgiven for assuming that higher thread counts make for a more luxurious experience, any count above 500 is unlikely to be noticed.

Sheets in hotel rooms will also be treated with appealing scents to aid sleep. High-quality fabric softeners, for example, will create a relaxing atmosphere.


Next time you find yourself in a hotel room, lay all the pillows on the bed out.

Touch each of these pillows, actively looking out for any differences. You’ll likely find that of the four pillows made available, two will be soft, and two will be firm.

This is because hotels understand that different people have varying needs, especially when it comes to neck and head support. You can choose your ideal pillow selection, bolstering your chances of a good night’s slumber.

The Tohoku Journal of Experimental Medicine confirms that sleeping on the ideal pillow will bolster spinal curve, head temperature, and general neck pain. This will prevent neck pain from keeping you awake at night or ruining your morning.

General Room Décor

Hotels will always consider their general decoration when encouraging sleep.

The most comfortable bed in the world will be of limited use if everything else is unappealing. Lying awake at night in a superior bed is no less frustrating.

Take the color of the walls, for example. Some colors are more conducive to a good night’s sleep than others. This is why hotels typically play it safe and paint bedroom walls white or another pale shade. Bright red walls will likely keep guests awake.

The positioning of mirrors is something else to take into consideration. You do not need to be a feng shui aficionado to understand that mirrors beside the bed are a bad idea. Equally, hotel rooms are well spaced to ensure that anybody can feel comfortable and relaxed.

How to Make Your Bed Feel Like a Luxury Hotel

It stands to reason that hotel beds are comfortable. If your entire business model revolves around charging people for a cozy place to sleep, you need to ensure they slumber like royalty.

That doesn’t mean that you need to check into a luxury hotel for a good night’s rest. Follow these steps, and your own bed will soon be comparable to a five-star resort, ensuring that you get your essential eight hours of sleep per night:

Go Shopping

Unless you made some choice purchases in the past, you’ll likely need to invest in new furnishings for your bedroom.

As a reminder, you’ll need to buy the following:

  • A new mattress. Memory foam is best, and the more springs the mattress contains, the more comfortable it will be. If you had an excellent night’s sleep in a hotel, ask which mattress they use. You’ll likely be able to purchase the same mattress for your home.
  • A mattress topper. This will add more comfort to your mattress and prolong its lifespan.
  • High-quality bed sheets. Go for 100% cotton, with a thread count between 300 and 500.
  • Pillows. Find the ideal pillows that minimize discomfort to your neck and spine, optimized for your favored sleeping position.

Once you have suitable apparatus in your bedroom, you’re likelier to replicate the hotel experience. There will still be more work to be done, though.

how to make your bed feel like a luxury hotel?

Learn Hospital Corners

Another trick that hotels use is ‘hospital corners’ when making a bed. This will make a bed feel increasingly crisp and neat when you climb in, helping you feel comfortable and cozy.

To fold corners comfortably and get the best chance of a quality night’s sleep:

  • Lay a freshly ironed sheet on the bed, ensuring it’s completely flat.
  • Tuck this sheet under the bed as firmly as you can.
  • Hold the sheet and take a step back from the bed.
  • Pull the sheet to the mattress’s peak, creating a triangular shape.
  • Tucking any draping end under the mattress.
  • Fold and tuck the last piece of the bedsheet beneath the mattress.

Of course, the choice of sheet will also play a part here. Aim for a thread count of at least 200, and use an appealingly scented ironing water when pressing the sheet ahead of applying it. Spray a little scented water, too, if necessary.

Wash Sheets Regularly

You’ll also need to wash your bedsheets frequently to maintain that hotel-fresh feeling. Remember, hotels launder their linen daily. That isn’t only to manage the risk of bed bugs and other unwelcome infestations.

If you wash your bedding at least once a week, especially with a scented fabric softener, you’ll have a much more pleasant sleeping experience. If you cannot wash and dry bedding this often, utilize a dry cleaner for the best service.

Redecorate and Rearrange Your Bedroom if Necessary

Think about how your bedroom is set up and whether anything within prevents you from sleeping well. That means reviewing your color schemes, reorganizing furniture, and removing anything that could disturb your slumber.

We have already discussed the importance of ensuring you’re not sleeping by a mirror but take other considerations under advisement. For example, that means not sleeping with your head next to a laptop.

Consider the temperature in your room, ensure that it’s cool enough to doze, and review your choice of nightwear. You need to be as comfortable as possible in your own home to mirror the feeling of relaxation that comes with staying in a superior hotel.

Your bedroom may never be the size of those found in a hotel or offer as many additional benefits to guests, but you can still ensure that your bed is every bit as comfortable. The only downside to this is that you’ll be even more reluctant to spend the night elsewhere when your own bed is so cozy.