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how do I stop urinating at night?
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How to Stop Going to the Toilet during the Night

Frequent trips to the bathroom each night can cause problems with your sleep cycle. You might wake up feeling tired, or that you weren’t able to get as many hours of sleep as you’d like. You might think it’s perfectly normal to wake up frequently to go to the toilet at night. But, it could be something more serious. Thankfully, there are things you can do to lessen or even stop frequent urination. The urge […]

Should I sleep without a bra?
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10 Major Benefits of Sleeping without a Bra (You May Not Know)!

Let’s talk about bras. Almost all women wear a bra during the day. After all, they help to support the chest, provide comfort, and improve the silhouette. They make us feel more confident and sexy. A well-fitting bra can ease back pain, too. However, have you ever wondered whether you should keep your bra on at night while you sleep? It may sound like a bit of a silly question. After all, if wearing a […]

Should I go to bed without clothing?
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10 Surprising Reasons Why You Should Sleep Without Clothes

Only 12% of Americans go to sleep without clothes. But there’s a strong case to be made that we should all skip the PJs and sleep in our birthday suits instead. If you found this post, its because you’re considering doing just the same. Pajamas can be comfortable and cozy, but is that something you cant get from your comforter or your partner? Its time to ignore the pro-pajama propaganda were bombarded with on a […]

How to stay cool while sleeping
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How to Stay Cool While Sleeping without Using an Air Conditioner

According to the National Library of Medicine, there is a direct correlation between how well we sleep and our body temperature. When were too hot, it can be harder to get a full and restful sleep. But, you probably didn’t need research or a study to realize that already. Staying cool without air conditioning is hard enough, but it can feel impossible when it comes time to get some rest. It takes longer to fall […]

Is Exercise Before Sleeping Good or Bad?
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Is Gym Training or Exercise Before Sleeping Good or Bad?

Getting a good night’s sleep is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. Most people recognize that and make an effort to work out regularly. But, is there a right or wrong time to be active? Is exercise before sleeping good or bad? As a society, we are busier than ever. Our schedules are so full sometimes it’s hard to find adequate time to exercise during the day. Perhaps the only times that work for […]