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warm up bed before getting in
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How to Warm the Bed without an Electric Blanket

Extreme temperatures can make sleep very uncomfortable. As we’ll explore, sleeping in a cold environment can change the structure of our sleep and mess with our circadian rhythms. Although electric blankets can remedy this issue, they don’t work for everyone. If left on for too long, electric blankets overheat the bed and cause us to feel clammy. Our body heat is an excellent insulator, so we should try our best to ‘trap’ this natural heat. […]

sleep hangover feeling
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How to Get Rid of Grogginess from Oversleeping

Getting 6-8 hours’ sleep is essential, but any more than that can become problematic. Our bodies like routine, so disturbing this routine can preempt an adverse physiological response. Moreover, If you’ve overslept, it probably means you’re late for something. Waking up to find you’re twenty minutes late for an important meeting sends a surge of adrenaline through your body that can take many hours to settle. This can make you feel imbalanced, on-edge, and down-right […]

body feels heavy after sleeping
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Why Do I Always Feel Tired and Have No Energy in the Morning?

Feeling weary is often caused by a change in schedule. Have you recently started a new job or a challenging exercise regime? Perhaps you’ve welcomed a new child into the family and your schedule has been turned on its head. When daily routines change, the body needs time to adapt, and this ‘adjustment period’ can be exhausting. But what if this ‘adjustment period’ has gone on for months? Or, what if your schedule has remained […]

how to relax before bed when stressed
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How to Relax Your Body and Mind for Sleep

Sometimes, life gets pretty full-on, and the need to cope can be overwhelming. It’s easy to get sucked into pressures from the various aspects of our lives. Consequently, you might find it difficult to rest at night because you don’t know how to relax before bed when stressed. For many people, bedtime is more like a nightmare. It’s as though the brain becomes more alert than it has been all day. Perhaps you feel anxious, […]

memory foam pillow vs regular pillow
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8 Incredible Benefits of Sleeping on a Memory Foam Pillow

We spend a third of our lives in bed, so it’s important to be comfortable. Sleeping comfortably can revitalize energy levels, promote wellbeing, reduce pain, and improve posture. The positions we sleep in and the pillows we sleep on play a key role in determining the quality of our sleep. For some, memory foam pillows can dramatically improve the ergonomics of sleep. 20% of the U.S. population are dissatisfied with the quality of their sleep. […]

how to sleep comfortably on a plane
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How to Sleep Better on Long Haul Flights (10 Easy-to-Follow Tips)

Anyone undertaking a long-haul flight will appreciate the importance of getting some rest. When you get to your destination, you’ll be tired no matter what—simply because of jet lag, let alone the fact that sleeping on a plane is uncomfortable. This can leave you feeling exhausted, tired and unable to react properly when you get to your destination. That’s why it’s important to sleep better on long-haul flights, and that’s why we’ve written this in-depth […]