cant stop coughing at night

Can’t Sleep Due to Cough and Sore Throat?

It’s never pleasant to have a cough and sore throat. It’s painful, annoying, and distracting. Not only that, but all that loud coughing can be quite embarrassing, too. The more you cough, the more irritated your throat becomes. That’s why you cough even more. Coughing is bad enough during the day when you’re trying to go about your daily routine. But, the worst part comes when you lie down at night. It’s difficult to nod […]

What does your brain do when you are sleeping?

Why is Sleep Important for the Brain?

Workers are more productive, students are better learners, and leaders make better decisions when they’ve had a good night’s sleep. Also, we all have better control over our emotions when we’re well-rested. Scientists are still trying to understand the restorative qualities of sleep, but there’s no doubt that sleep supports learning, development and mental health. With that in mind, let’s explore this intriguing relationship between sleep and brain power. Psychological Benefits of Sleep Adults should […]

what are the symptoms of hay fever?

How to Sleep Better with Hay Fever – 20 Tips That REALLY Work!

Nearly 40% of hay fever sufferers find it ‘very difficult’ to sleep during the pollen season. To help combat this issue, many people take ‘drowsy’ antihistamines to enable them to fall asleep faster. Although these meds provide temporary relief, they can play havoc with our circadian rhythm, making us feel more tired in the long-run. Thankfully, hay fever symptoms can be tackled in many other ways. In this guide, we’ll explore 20 things you can […]

what causes leg cramps at night and how to prevent them

Leg and Foot Cramps While Sleeping? Here’s How to Recover Fast!

Want to know what causes muscle cramps in legs at night? You’re not alone. Regular cramp is a problem that affects millions of people in the US, and many more worldwide. Waking up in the middle of the night because of a sudden twinge disturbs sleep and leaves you feeling irritated…not to mention that it hurts! Unfortunately, cramping feet and legs are a problem that has many causes. It could be any one of them […]

why do i sleep so much when I'm sick?

Does Sleep Help You Get Over a Cold (Flu) Faster?

Each year, 20% of the US population contract the common cold, and roughly 200,000 people are hospitalized with flu-related illnesses. Identifying ways to speed up recovery is essential. When we’re sick, most of us head straight to bed; but is this extra sleep vital, and will it help us recover faster? In this guide, we’ll discuss whether sleep is an effective treatment for viral infections. Although sleep may help you recover from a cold, it’s […]

Which Hormones Affect Sleep?

Hormones That Cause Sleeplessness (and What Can Be Done)!

If you have ever tried to battle insomnia, you’re probably already privy to the concept of a circadian rhythm. This is our naturally occurring sleep/wake cycle. In the modern world, light and dark are the most important external ‘cues’ for regulating our circadian rhythm. The most critical internal cues are our hormones. If you want to learn how to regulate your circadian rhythm, you’ll need to understand the role of hormones. We’ll discuss how nurturing […]