How to find the Best Over The Counter Sleeping Medication
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What Is the Best Over The Counter Sleeping Medication?

It can be tough to get a good night’s sleep. The body needs rest to function properly. So, what is the best over-the-counter sleeping medication?

Not only does the body need rest, but it requires sleep on a regular basis and not just a couple of nights here and there. A person who’s well-rested can handle the day’s pressure without irritability and fatigue. In every type of career, you need to be alert and able to handle day-to-day pressures.

Feeling sluggish, even the slightest of things can set you off. Small tasks seem to take forever as your attention likely will drift from one thing to the next if they don’t drift off to sleep. A person who’s sleep deprived is irritable, and no one wants that.

If this is the case, what can I do? For a lot of people, the answer is to take sleep aids or over-the-counter sleeping medications. They count on them to provide a much needed night’s rest.

Choosing the Best Over-the-Counter Sleeping Medication

Finding an excellent sleep aid can be tough. Relying on commercials, internet ads, or infomercials to find the right sleep aid can be costly.

People trust celebrity claims when they’re marketing a product, but they probably shouldn’t. Customers soon realize it does not perform, and that’s how it becomes costly. How does anyone find a product that doesn’t have a lot of side effects?

The sleep experts recommend looking for the following ingredients in the strongest over-the-counter sleeping medications:

These will help an individual fall asleep and remain asleep for a minimum of 8 hours with no adverse reactions. Often, the ingredients in an over-the-counter medication are not as strong as a prescription from the doctor.

Surprisingly, many people feel better when taking OTC sleep medication instead of prescription meds. The medication is typically for a few nights and not for a lifetime. They should not be used as a long-term solution for sleeplessness. Natural sleep is always the best, and that means that you need to figure out what’s causing your sleeplessness.

what is the best sleeping pill out there?

Which OTC Sleep Meds Work?

Remember, the best over-the-counter sleeping tablets should contain the dosage amount to be effective. That’s the main concern when looking for a sleep aid because without the proper dose, and it’s of no use.

In addition to the dosage amount, it should not have any additives or synthetic ingredients in them. Of the brands researched, we feel confident in recommending these brands.

Here are some of the most highly recognized sleeping medications:

Natural Sleep Aid for Adults by Nature’s Wellness Insomnia Supplement

The brand is tested in a laboratory, so it’s tested before leaving the building. Natural Sleep Aid awards the consumer with a peaceful night’s sleep, relieves signs of stress and anxiety plus induces deep sleep.

With clinically tested results, the ingredients in Natural Sleep Aid for Adults help to promote a natural sleep state.  The ingredients are not habit forming, and it doesn’t make the user groggy. It’s a pure sleeping medication that’s 100% safe.

Natural Sleep Aid for Adults Review

Not only will the users sleep well, but they will benefit in other ways. They will not feel as stressed out after a good night’s sleep. They fall asleep faster and wake up feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the world.

Also, it comes with a money-back guarantee. There’s no reason to keep this medication if not satisfied. Remember to return the receipt of purchase within 30 days, and the company will refund the money without any hassles. Each capsule contains the following:

  • Melatonin – a hormone that is needed to promote a natural sleep/wake pattern.
  • L-Theanine – an ingredient (amino acid) that helps the body to relax as well as the mind
  • 5HTP – This helps a person to sleep as well as balance mood swings. 5HTP converts into serotonin or happens before the production of serotonin.
  • Magnesium – relaxes the body/muscles, heart rate, and quietens the mind so an individual can get some rest.
  • The herbs, chamomile, Valerian, passion flower, lemon balm, and hops all make up the best over-the-counter medication for sleep.

They all make a Natural Sleep Aid for Adults.  Although it is safe to use, we do not recommend it for children.

Nested Naturals’ Luna Supplement

Nested Naturals is on their way to setting records as one of the best selling over-the-counter sleeping aids. They are transparent in the health and wellness industry. They test via third-party testing on every batch.

Nested Naturals pride themselves in only using quality ingredients, and yes, they stand behind each of their products. They make remedies that promote wellness, and they aim to improve the way a person feels overall. Nested Naturals promises not to take shortcuts.

With this brand, a person will fall asleep and stay asleep throughout the night.  Sleep deprivation, insomnia is can be a thing of the past while using Nested Naturals Luna Formula. Luna makes it possible to fall asleep as close to natural as possible. It calms and refreshes.

Nested Naturals Luna Formula Review

Luna is also guaranteed or money back. It’s safe to use and is not habit-forming. That makes a lot of people happy as we worry about addictions to medications. This is one reason why many individuals prefer to use an over-the-counter brand as opposed to prescriptions.

If someone can get the same effect from an OTC, then it only makes sense to buy Nested Naturals Luna Formula off the shelf. Luna doesn’t have anything ingredients that will harm a person. What is promised is a balanced nightlife or sleep schedule with confidence.

Calm Now Soothing Stress Support Supplement

Calm Now is for days when we feel like getting up was a mistake. The stress of yesterday is still weighing on the shoulders. Tossing and turning, waking up, and not being able to fall back asleep is getting old.

It’s tiring, and one would think it’s enough to make a person sleep, however, it’s not the case. Some people in this world give an arm and a leg to fall asleep naturally every night. Unfortunately, they can’t and require the help of a sleep aid.

Calm Now is a formula suited for those who just need to calm down, to relax, or “chill out.” They were created with today’s generation and innovation in mind.  Let’s face it, life is not the same anymore, and it can be extremely stressful day-to-day.

Calm Now Soothing Stress Support Supplement Review

No matter where a person travels, there’s bound to be some level of stress if only it’s just arriving there.  Traffic jams, train delays and it’s always a person driving 10 miles per hour under the speed limit. Calm Now helps people deal with these irritating factors of life.

How does it help anyone to remain calm in a chaotic situation? It’s mainly due to the ingredients. Keeping the tradition of an herbal remedy, Calm Now uses passion flower, ashwagandha, Bacopa Monnieri, Rhodiola Roseas, Lemon Balm, and Hawthorn Berry.

They guarantee their product as well, so there’s no need to worry if not satisfied with it.

Driftoff Natural Sleep Aid with Valerian Root & Melatonin

Driftoff is a sleep aid made to help adults relax so they can go to sleep. They use only natural ingredients that will assist the user in keeping calm when it’s needed the most. Feel rested and invigorated after using this supplement’s formula.

The manufacturers promise a day free from the after-effects of other over-the-counter sleep aids. Users can trust Driftoff to be non-habit forming and vegetarians will love the formula in the capsules, too.  Yes, it’s one of the best sleeping aids money can buy.

Get up with the feeling of confidence and surety. Have more energy during the day to get tasks done effectively and promptly. When staying alert is a priority, Driftoff is the product most people reach for.

Driftoff Natural Sleep Aid Review

Zhou Nutrition is responsible for this ancient herbal combination of superior and natural blends. Using the right dose of each ingredient is the key to receiving maximum results. Take a look at what they put in their formulated supplement:

  • Chamomile – used to relax the muscles and calm the mind
  • Melatonin – provided to assist the natural wake/sleep schedule.  As a bonus, melatonin helps to support a healthy immune system.
  • Gaba – acts as a transmitter to the brain so the user will stay calm.
  • Valerian Root – is to provide a restful night’s or day’s sleep
  • L-Tryptophan – an amino acid that converts to 5HTP, niacin, and finally, serotonin.
  • Hops – commonly known for brewing a brand of beer, hops help people fall asleep.
  • Lemon Balm – dating back to ancient times, lemon balm promotes deep sleep and relaxation
  • Passion Flower – encourages a motionless night filled with calming dreams

In other words, Driftoff puts the “s” in sleep.  More users are satisfied with the formula simply because of the way they feel the next day and of course, the way they don’t feel at night… frustrated because they can’t sleep.

There are plenty of over-the-counter sleeping medications but few brands who deliver what they promise. They don’t all contain the right amount of ingredients to be truly effective, and not all are good for children.

On that note, the best over-the-counter sleeping medication contains only natural ingredients, so it’s safe for most people. Not only that, but vegans can use them as well.

We’ve found the above brands to fulfill their promises of authenticity. Therefore, we can recommend them with confidence. We don’t see them as a long-term solution, but they can be useful if you need them occasionally. For example, you need to sleep better on a long flight.

Are you struggling to sleep at certain times? Use a sleep tracking device to find out if your sleep is getting interrupted and consider using a white noise machine to create a more relaxing ambiance.